By Dick Humphreys

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Ballinruan View
A painting by Dick Humphreys

It shows a view over Meelick Bay from the high ground in Ballinruan. It captures farming practices at that time that has since vanished. This includes the saving of the hay in cocks or trams and the gathering of the corn sheaves in preparation for the threshing.
Flower-Hill View
A painting by Dick Humphreys

Flower Hill is the highest point in the townland of Whitegate. Many interesting features are captured in this painting. Cutting corn near Fahy's house, now GAA grounds.The old church. Local women walking towards the village and Curley's Shop and Pub.
A painting by Dick Humphreys

Whitegate being situated between Lough Derg and the Sliabh Aughty mountains, provides easy access to both environments. Cregg Mountain is just one mile from this gateway.

Cregg Lake
A painting by Dick Humphreys

Cregg Lake is close to the village of Whitegate and was a popular place for the villagers to fish. It is bounded on the east by a small wooded area which provides an additional amenity site.

    Dick Humphreys was an artist and cartoonist. He had relatives in Whitegate and spent some time here in the 1950s. He enjoyed travelling and he painted all around the Far East during the war. He later became a freelance cartoonist for the newspapers, using pin and ink.